We Are the Kids Your Parents Warned You About
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meeting peoples moms for the first time is so intimidating because i cant tell if theyre a strict mom or a laid back mom and as i ride in their car i have to slowly figure out what breed of mom they are

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i don’t know ariana grande but i feel like she talks shit about me behind my back

oh my god I know this makes no sense but

I get you.

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ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. what the actual fuck yo.

Never felt more hurt, by myself.

Whenever people say they “broke a promise to themselves and that’s why it hurt so bad” My reaction was always like oh my god shut the fuck up stop being dramatic.

But I’m 18 years old and I just sent my first half naked picture to my boyfriend. And I know that I did it voluntarily, because I’m away at school and I knew he would want it. But I promised myself when I was younger that I would value my body, and that I would never send one. But I did.

I broke my own promise.

I honestly did not know that you could do that until now.

you might as well have taken my fucking heart out of my chest, because what you just said to me probably would have felt the same

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